Eagles’ gaze

Words by Justin Quirk

Megan Eagles is pioneering the new nude in photography along with her muse and model Haf Gibson

Over the last three years, Megan Eagles has repeatedly photographed the model Haf Gibson, developing a close creative partnership with her. Gibson was originally better known as the mainstream glamour model “Seren Gibson”, but has now become Eagles’ regular muse, model and collaborative partner. Supplement met up with Eagles – who is based in London and only shoots on film – to talk about their relationship.

Justin Quirk: Where did you and Gibson first meet? 

Megan Eagles: I was working in a cinema and I remember her coming in and bringing her CV – because she was so beautiful – and then a couple of weeks later we were looking to hire someone. I was like, “I remember this girl, you should hire her!” Then she got the job and I felt really creepy.

JQ: Did you know she was a model when you first met her then, or did you just think she had a good look about her?

ME: It’s weird because the way she talked, she sounded like she was quite prudish about sex. When I found out that she was already a glamour model, I found that really weird because I couldn’t equate those two things. Those ideas that you have about a person doing a certain job are kind of instilled in you by society, but when you think about them you realise that’s not what I think, that’s just what my brain immediately went to. So it was really good because it challenged me, and it opened my eyes a lot about different things.

JQ: How did it go from working together to you shooting her? I imagine it’s an odd thing to broach with someone in some ways.

ME: After six months of knowing each other we ended up going on holiday together to LA where my dad lives. And she was like, “You should photograph me because you seem to be good at taking photos, but it would be cool to do something being naked because we both love 70s erotica.” My dad drove us out to the desert at 4am to the place where they shot the scene from Kill Bill so we’d get the magic light. He fell asleep in the car and then we just shot up and down this random road – her walking up and down it naked and then jumping behind the car if anyone drove past. They turned out pretty well, and then we did quite a lot more shoots there in the garden. Those were my first shots of her and I think some of them are still my best.

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