Rising high

Interview by Cath Clarke
Photography by Mark Peckmezian / Styling by Ellie Grace Cummin

How has 24-year-old actress Stacy Martin managed to model for Miu Miu and make eight films in the last three years? “Wow, I was really, really lucky,” she says

Stacy Martin is looking forward to the next few months, when she can finally talk about acting without her porn double or prosthetic vagina casually dropping into conversation. Right now, Stacy admits, she is “that girl from Nymphomaniac” – famous for playing a young sex addict in Lars von Trier’s eccentric provocation on female desire. As big splashes go, they don’t come splashier. The 24-year-old has skipped the struggling years – bit parts on TV, acting in rubbish plays watched by four people in a freezing cold theatre.


We meet during a week-long gap in her busy schedule – one of the few breaks she’s had all year. And what a year. She has made seven films since Nymphomaniac, including High-Rise, British director Ben Wheatley’s forthcoming adaptation of JG Ballard’s 1975 dystopian tower-block thriller, as well as appearing in two Miu Miu campaigns and becoming the face of its first fragrance. You can see why Miuccia Prada picked her as her muse for Miu Miu – the young and free, naïve little sister to Prada. In person, Stacy is warm and funny, calmly navigating us at eight in the morning to the nearest coffee shop with her iPhone – Miu Miu bag hooked on her arm. The coffee shop, it turns out, closed down six weeks ago, so we give up and head back to the studio, where she drinks black coffee: “I can barely speak without coffee this early.”

Her accent is boarding-school cut-glass, despite the fact that she didn’t live in the UK until her late teens. Half-French, half-English, Stacy was born in France. Her family moved to Tokyo when she was seven, before returning to Paris. She escaped to London aged 18 to take a degree in media and cultural studies. “Sorry if I forget the words,” she says with a grin as we start. “I know them in french, and just try to say them with an English accent.”


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